What is Make Up Torque? ...

Posted on: Mar 26, 2010 By: admin | 1 Comment
If you have ever had a pin thread break or perhaps the box shoulder has flared or mushroomed, then you might have a problem with make up torque. Make up torque is the recommended amount of torque to apply when tightening your drill pipe prior to running it down the hole. The amount depends on the connection, the inside diameter of the pin, and the outside diameter of the box. A lot of common thread problems can be traced back to improper make up torque. If too little is applied (running loose), then connections could continue to tighten during ... Read More

Troubleshooting Thread Problem ...

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Thread problems are the most common problem encountered with the use of drill pipe. The purpose of this section is to help locate potential causes and correct them. It is important to note that an exact cause may not be found but the problem can be made to go away. One of the characteristics of thread problems is that it spreads throughout your drill string. This happens as one damaged thread connects with another. If the top sub becomes infected, then the problem propagates with every connection made with the top sub. When a thread problem ... Read More

Drill Pipe Break In Procedures ...

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When using new drill pipe for the first time, it is important to take care not to damage the threads and also to reduce initial wear. Below are some procedures and suggestions to avoid thread problems. Most thread problems that we have encountered occur with the first couple of uses of new drill pipe. Inspect the lower connection in the top sub to make sure the threads are in good condition. By good condition, the connection should be free from breaks and rough spots on the threads and the threads are not too worn. If you are putting on a ... Read More